Your Health Depends on Glutathione – DNA

Glutathione protects your DNA and its Telomeres from Chemical Toxins, Heavy Metals and Radiation.

DNA is the code that describes what every cell is and what is does. It is the blueprint of YOU.

Telomeres are like the tips of your shoelaces and keep your DNA from unravelling or becoming damaged.

Every time a cell reproduces, the Telomeres become slightly shorter and offer slightly ess protection for your DNA. This results in damage and aging.

Protecting the Telomeres and the DNA slows the aging process.

Your Health Depends on Glutathione – General

Glutathione – the Master Antioxidant has many, many important functions in protecting our cells. Every single cell produces Glutathione, and Cysteine is an absolute requirement in its production.

RiboCeine – 300% more powerful than the next best way to raise Glutathione in your body. It is plant sourced and and both Ribose and Cysteine are naturally occurring in your body.

Bring on the Stairs.

Remember how I said I had issues with the 14 stairs in my house. I live in Hamilton Ontario, cost There are several sets of stairs that go up the mountain here, and we happen to have a set very close to our house, My Partner and I decided to give them a try only the bottom half. All 290 of them YES 290 stairs. Guess what nooooo problem. My knees did not scream at me to stop. So two days later we did it again and then again today. Who knows maybe we will do the top half that would add on another 200 stairs.

Life long annoynace

My partner just told me he no longer has the tension and pain he has had in his neck and shoulders for as long as he can remember. (The really good news on that is I don’t have to listen to him complain about it   LOL)

Stairs do I have too?

Last year I was starting to think I would have to sell my house as I was having issues going up the stairs. My knees did not like them at all. I kept thinking the usual things, If I exercise and lose weight it wont be a problem. On Saturday I was getting ready to go out to dinner at a friends I went up the stairs got to the top, stopped and thought “That ‘s odd” so I went back down, and right back up again, Guess what I had to do it one more time…..NO PAIN My knees do not hurt, the 14 stairs in my house are a piece of cake. I no longer feel I will have to sell the house I really love.


I decided it was time to go shopping as most of my clothes seem to just kinda hang off of me.  I went shopping in my CLOSET and wow did I find some great stuff. Pants I had not been able to wear for over a year (I know I’m not supposed to keep stuff that long) Am I ever glad I didn’t do a spring cleaning yet. Found some tops and jackets this is fantastic. Can’t wait to go on another spree.

Do I feel great or what….

I can’t get over how great I feel, I’m sleeping better, I have more energy, NO MORE ACHES AND PAINS. Better focus and clarity

More inches gone

2 months into Meta Switch, seek down another 4 inches for a total of 13…. woohoo, sick The lbs are slowing coming off down another 10 for a total of 12 Can only go down from here.