In previous post, I told you that Glutathione protects your Telomeres.

  • Glutathione protects your DNA and its Telomeres from Chemical Toxins, Heavy Metals and Radiation.

So what the heck are Telomeres?

If you wear shoes with shoelaces, then you probably have Aglets on the ends of your laces. Aglets are the tiny plastic or metal thingies (highly technically language here) that stop your laces from unraveling.

Over time, the Aglets deteriorate and upon their eventual demise, your shoe laces become a ragged mess.

Think of Telomeres as the Aglets at the end of your DNA. Each time your cells reproduce, the Telomeres become ever so slightly shorter until eventually they no longer function and your time is essentially up. Because Glutathione protects the Telomeres, they shorten slower and, as a result, your cells age slower and so do you. High Glutathione, in fact, slows down the aging process as well as protecting against DNA damage which can result in chronic disease.