About Us

We knew a little about Glutathione when we first discovered MAX International and their products that are based on an incredible molecule called RiboCeine.

We also knew that raising Glutathione reduced inflammation and pain. What we didn’t know was that it is the most powerful detoxifier and repair mechanism available to your body.

High levels of Glutathione repair and eliminate Cellular Inflammation and Oxidative Stress, the primary culprits in almost every disease. That and scavenging for Free Radicals and toxins makes it an absolute necessity for maintaining or returning vibrant health and slowing the aging process.

Max products do not give you Glutathione, as your digestive tract treats it like a protein and digests it, rendering it almost useless. They supply you with precursors in the form of RiboCeine. The RiboCeine molecule is simply an ingenious combination of a simple sugar (Ribose) and an Amino Acid (Cysteine) both of which occur naturally in your body, but are crucial to the production of Glutathione and ATP (the carrier of Cellular Energy).

All MAX products are sourced from plant material and are 100% Vegan. Health Canada has tested them to the extent that they have granted us the right to make the claim that they increase the production of Glutathione and ATP for increased health and energy. All of MAX products are BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group) so that Olympic and Professional Athletes can consume them safely and the are produced in an NSF facility to ensure the highest purity and that each product contains exactly what the label says. There are no compromises when you health is concerned.

Our bodies produce Glutathione to protect and repair. Unfortunately in a world filled with ever increasing toxicity, the body cannot naturally produce enough without supplementation. The best way to increase Glutathione (300% more powerful than the next best way) is with RiboCeine, found only in MAX Products. Read More