Balance Your Body. Energize Your Life.

The Meta-Switch™ Be™ Fiber & Protein Bar is a deliciously nutritious and satisfying way to manage cravings between meals and keep you on track to meet your weight management goal.

With the Be Fiber & Protein Bar, weight loss can still be delicious. The Be Bar comes in two delectable flavors, Chocolate Coconut and Apple Cinnamon, and includes the ideal blend of soluble and insoluble fiber combined with protein to effectively:

  • Help you feel full until your next meal
  • Boost energy
  • Regulate and cleanse the digestive system of waste and toxins
  • Contribute to weight loss and healthy weight management

Choose the Be Bar. Treat your body with great ingredients that allow you to create balance and inspire a new taste for life. Be healthy. Be Confident. Be happy. Be you.
be. Balanced for life

The Meta-Switch Be Fiber & Protein Bar is made to satisfy your hunger between meals and delight your taste buds while helping you lose weight.

Combining an ideal blend of fiber with protein, the Be Bar gives your body exactly what it needs to complement a healthy lifestyle.

Unique Balance of Fiber

Be Bar’s blend of up to 13g Soluble and
Insoluble Fiber:

  • Satisfies hunger and cravings
  • Aids digestion & promotes regularity
  • Sweeps out toxins and waste Energy-Boosting Protein

With 10 grams protein, the Be bar:

  • Contains plant-based, vegan-friendly protein
  • Helps you feel fuller, longer
  • Provides energy to work, live, and play