The world is waking up (albeit slowly) to the importance of this incredible, made in every cell of your body, molecule. GLUTATHIONE! It sounds familiar but NO! not Gluten, nor Glucosamine. GLUTATHIONE, the most important molecule in your body.

We live in a toxic world (more than 100,000 toxins and counting), and although our bodies truly were built to heal themselves, they have not had time to catch up to what the industrial revolution has thrown at them. Our bodies have weapons to combat this toxicity and the havoc it reeks. Toxicity results in Oxidative Stress, Cellular Inflammation and DNA damage. These are the primary causes of most disease. Various anti-oxidants from outside and inside the body help to keep these attacks under control and Glutathione is the Master Anti-oxidant and activates all the other anti-oxidants. It also provides protection for your immune system (macrophages, killer “T” cells i.e.: white blood cells) and allows them to reproduce explosively, when needed.

All things being equal, this combination of anti-oxidants and the immune system would be sufficient to keep you healthy as Glutathione has the capacity to repair itself over and over, up to 300,000 times. In a clean environment that might be sufficient, but excessive toxicity throws a wrench into that formula. When Glutathione removes a toxin, it does so by bonding to it, changing it from fat soluble to water soluble. This allows the liver to break it down for excretion via the kidneys. Now the Glutathione molecule has been expelled along with the toxin and cannot be recycled. Excessive toxicity means insufficient Glutathione. The only way to replenish to compensate is to supplement.

Simple. Go to the store and buy a bottle of Glutathione., Right???…….WRONG!!!

Oral supplementation of Glutathione has been shown to be ineffective in studies published on US National Library of Medicine / National Institutes of Health database.

Supplementing with the precursors (amino acids which make up Glutathione) is the most effective way to increase Intracellular Glutathione. Glutathione needs to be manufactured inside your cells and has the greatest benefit when inside cells rather than in the blood.

The most powerful precursor source is RiboCeine (A.K.A. RibCys or Ribose Cysteine). RiboCeine is only available from MAX.