Visible Solutions

Visible Solutions™ employs a four-step system to provide men and women of all ages with skin that is healthier looking, better moisturized, and more luminous in appearance.

The Visible Solutions Skin Care System is designed to help your skin achieve its optimum appearance of health and vitality. This innovative system works to cleanse, smooth, and moisturize your skin with results that you can see.

General Description

Our skin plays a vital role for our bodies. Therefore, we need to play an equally important role in protecting our skin. Max International’s Visible Solutions Skin Care system is designed to cleanse, smooth, and moisturize your skin while supporting the local glutathione enzymes. When used as a complete system, Visible Solutions helps keep your skin looking and feeling refreshed and luminous.


Product Benefits

  • System works in sync to enhance and maintain the benefits of each product.
  • Purifying Cleanser removes dirt and oil from the skin, leaving the skin feeling refreshed.
  • One Minute Wonder Gentle Exfoliator removes dead skin cells and trapped dirt without the use of harsh abrasives.
  • Facial Serum has a patented cooling applicator tip that soothes the skin as it applies the serum, reducing puffiness while the serum helps to improve the appearance of the skin’s most delicate areas.
  • Soothing Moisturizer provides needed moisture to enhance the skin’s appearance and prolong the positive effects of the Visible Solutions System.
  • Facial Serum and Soothing Moisturizer contains Brassica and Chlorella extracts that support glutathione enzymes.

Facial Serum

Max’s Facial Serum combined with a unique, cooling applicator tip will help soothe and improve the appearance of your skin’s most delicate areas. Use after exfoliating to help give your skin a smoother and tighter appearance. Facial Serum enhances your skin’s supple appearance and keeps it looking healthy.

  • Soothe and Improve Your Skin’s Appearance
  • Improves appearance of skin’s delicate areas
  • Cooling applicator tip helps soothe skin
  • Provides nutrients helpful for glutathione function

Soothing Moisturizer

Keep Your Skin Moisturized and Looking Luminous.
As the final step, enhance your skin’s supple appearance and keep it looking even and healthy. Designed to maximize hydration, this Soothing Moisturizer will leave your skin appearing smooth, firm and luminous.

  • Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh and Healthy
  • Soothes dry skin by providing needed moisture
  • Enhances skin’s appearance to keep it looking healthy
  • Final step to help prolong the effects of the other Visible Solutions products
  • Enhance your skin’s supple appearance

Promotes and accelerates cell proliferation, which soothes skin and improves skin moisture.

Sodium Phytate
Helps to deliver greater skin elasticity and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Beta Vulgaris Root Extract
Provides immediate and lasting skin hydration, helps to increase concentration of natural moisturizing factors in the skin.

Increases fatty acid transport to promote higher efficiency in oxygen metabolism. Also works as an anti-oxidant.

Brassica Extracts
Works to stimulate the action of glutathione enzymes, which helps to protect skin from the effects of oxidation.

Chlorella Vulgaris Extract
Provides nutrients that support glutathione activation within the skin, promoting glutathione’s positive effects.