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I decided it was time to go shopping as most of my clothes seem to just kinda hang off of me.  I went shopping in my CLOSET and wow did I find some great stuff. Pants I had not been able to wear for over a year (I know I’m not supposed to keep stuff… Read more »

More inches gone

2 months into Meta Switch, seek down another 4 inches for a total of 13…. woohoo, sick The lbs are slowing coming off down another 10 for a total of 12 Can only go down from here.

Disappearing inches

Three weeks into the Meta Switch program and I decided to measure myself because the weight didn’t appear to be coming off all that fast. Low and behold a total of 8 inches has disappeared and people are seeing the changes in my face. They said “don’t worry about the scale, use the tape measure”…. Read more »